Experienced design manager with product management skills

Hola, I’m María

👋 I am a designer with 10+ years of experience wearing many hats, and I’ve been a Product Manager for the past three years at Sketch.com while we grew from 50 to 250 people.

I have been working remotely my whole career, and I’m currently based in a small Mediterranean town near Barcelona.

My leadership style is kind, nurturing, focused and effective. I like to make sure everyone has a voice, and each one progress on their personal challenges while being aligned on the team's common goal.

I have a very pragmatic brain with a creative twist and a serene approach to urgent matters. I’m very organized and proactive and have been called the Marie Kondo of Sketch.

I have a special interest in learning and teaching. I’ve been a mentor for four years at La Nave design school, and a Design Master teacher for two years at Istituto Europeo di Design. The latest course I’ve attended is the DesignOps one by Nielsen Norman Group.

I’ve published a couple of successful design games about Color theory and Kerning, and cofounded a platform to teach design principles.

On a more personal note: I volunteer as a caretaker for the cat colony in my area. And, maybe because I wanted to be a journalist, I write about remote work here, and I have a vegetarian recipes blog. I love cooking and researching ingredients, their past and their future, like lab-cultured meat, my latest obsession.

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